A Mammoth Meal

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This place amazes me each time I visit. The variety and quality of the food coupled with the extraordinary service of this place makes it truly a king’s meal.

I have the liberty of dragging my hubby to rajdhani only when the aamras festival is on, cos the place is pure vegetarian and he doesn’t like this cuisine as much as I do. But the aamras festival is something we both look forward to, making our meal extra special. image This meal here is exactly what I would show to explain a food coma. After we ate and stepped out, all I could mutter to my hubby was “I’m gonna burst”!!! I love the way they also customize their meals, for instance, in chennai at the end of the meal they serve curd rice offering a nice local touch! It’s not exactly value for money given that one meal is 430 bucks but it’s definitely worth the visit atleast once a year.